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Arapatsa School | ༄། རིག་འཛིན་ཨ་ར་པ་ཙ།

 The Rigdzin Arapatsa school was created by Rigdzin Namkha Gyatso Rinpoche in the autumn of 2012 during the Rigdzin Community Winter Retreat. 

Many of the children have been coming to the retreats with their parents during which time they have become accustomed to the practices and rhythms of the retreats and the benefits of joining in with the prayers and mantra recitations. 
On this occasion Namkha Rinpoche expressed his wish for the children to begin a dedicated activity of their own and set the ground for the creation of the retreat classroom as well as the structure for summer retreats and daily learning opportunities for the children. 
To create the aucpicious circumstances for the future of the school Namkha Rinpoche gave a transmission of his wishes and expections in the form of 8 ground rules which harmonise with the 8 auspcious signs.

 The first dedicated children’s retreat was programmed for the summer of 2013.