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The retreats of the International Buddhist Rigdzin Community gather the spiritual strength of the present lamas, the enthusiasm of the participants and the beauty of the Tibetan tradition. Retreats are always organized in a nearby place of nature, promoting calm and a peaceful state of mind.
During these retreats, Namkha Rinpoche and other lamas provide punctually teachings in order participants to discover and to better understand the path of inner transformation.

This is during these retreats that Drubchös (Dorje Drolo, Troma Nagmo and Vajrakilaya drubcho) are performed. A drubchö consists of an intensive recitation of a sacred text, including specific visualizations (meditations) as well as their respective mantras. These rituals are carried out in a great respect of the spiritual lineage held by Namkha Rinpoche and in the same manner than rituals practiced in the monasteries in Tibet. Students are guided through the energy of these rituals and train in their practice.
Everybody can take part in these retreats, from beginner to advanced practitioner. Some people can actively participate in the rituals and meditations; others may prefer to just soak up the energy and the force generated by these practices. It is up to everyone to decide what suits him best.