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The centers of the International Buddhist Rigdzin Community are open to anyone interested in learning about meditation and spiritual practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

In a very warm and direct way, Namkha Rinpoche provides teachings in the centers of the Rigdzin community, where he transmits the key points of the Tibetan Buddhism wisdom. He specially covers the development of patience and compassion, applied in the everyday life. Rinpoche explains clearly and deeply how mind can be a source of both happiness and suffering and how it is possible to train this mind to eradicate the suffering and its causes. By meditation practices, he demonstrates how to transform our disturbing emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and so on, and to find an inner peace and a deep contentment in order to overcome the difficulties of everyday life.

Whenever Namkha Rinpoche is absent, his long-standing students assume the regular activities of the centers.